best ways to abuse opana

 2011.12.31. 10:50

Not sure if this belongs in advanced DD but i figured it should? Anyway I used to be heavily addicted to opana for about 2 years, and recently i went totally sober .


I'm w/ ya. Kyuss, rags and atleast one other are w/ us from another thread. . Originally Posted by ZodiacKiller I'm totally against censorship and best ways to abuse opana all, but I don't .

We Have SPECIAL PRICING on our 30, 60 and 90 Day Treatment Program. Call For The Best Value In Opana Drug Rehab! Opana Addiction Treatment Program

Find Help to fight back Opana withdrawal symptoms with the Waismann Method. We offer a humane and effective rapid detox treatment for patients dependent on Opana and .

Whats the best way to get 'the most' from your Opana ER? 1 year ago; Report Abuse

After about a month or so you wont get any sort of high taking these pills either orally or by sniffing them. Even in high dosages. I am currently on 2 30mg ER's a .

Hey guys. just looking for some personal experiences on the best way to take . well if its 6x stronger they prolly put 6x less in the fukkin pill . Are you sure .

Thanks for your responses under my previous post. I wish that the responses to posts on here would cause the entire post to move to the top. People's posts wouldn't .

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Burning Tree, long best ways to abuse opana term drug rehab, in Texas announces it is taking on the fight against Opana abuse. Opana, a prescription opiate, has been alarming addiction .

Ok, I know some meds take a few days to be in the system before they really start to work well, but this just seems a bit ridiculous. This is the first time I've ever .

I do not
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